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China Trade Fairs

Trade shows in Hong Kong & Guangzhou – April 2017

Here are dates and key product categories of sourcing exhibitions being held in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in April 2017.


Trade shows in Hong Kong 2016: A complete guide

By Fredrik Grönkvist

T-shirts and plastic flowers may no longer be labeled as ‘Made in Hong Kong’, but the Chinese territory is still home to perhaps the best – and biggest – Trade shows in the world.


Canton Fair invitation letter: How to get one

While there are various ways to obtain a China visa for Canton fair visitors, an Invitation letter is possibly the most straightforward way.


10 reasons to visit a sourcing trade show in Asia

The decision to visit a show mainly depends on your business model, scale of business, and availability of financial resources. Here are some benefits of visiting a trade show:


Trade shows in Hong Kong & Guangzhou — October 2016

Here are dates and key product categories of sourcing exhibitions being held in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in October 2016.


Hacking a Chinese trade fair as a buyer (pre-show)

By Gary Huang

Every year as the seasons change as we enter spring and fall – do you know what that means?  Besides better weather, it’s trade show season! Just as there’s “more than one way to skin a cat” there’s more than one way to find a Chinese supplier.


The ultimate guide to Global Sources Hong Kong exhibition – Free eBook

by Ashish Monga 

I still remember the first time I came to China. I used to work in Beijing and was looking to set up a business that had something to do with international trade but that’s pretty much all I knew. I had no clear plan for my business model or an understanding of what value I could offer. 


How to attend a sourcing show like a pro

April is sourcing trade show season in Asia with many exhibitions being held in Hong Kong and mainland China. The shows are generally scheduled to cover similar product categories in a way that lets buyers visit multiple shows during a single trip. 


Trade shows in Hong Kong & Guangzhou April 2016

Here are dates and key product categories of sourcing exhibitions being held in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in April, 2016.

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Test-fly drones at the Drones Experience Zone

Leading suppliers are expected to flock to the venue to showcase their drones and drone accessories.


Show visitors can get their hands on the latest drones at the Drones Experience Zone at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics show from October 18-21 at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong.


Automotive, wearables, drones & robotics components on spotlight

Buyers can check out what's inside automotive electronics, wearables, drones and robotics at the Hong Kong show.


Greater China suppliers will showcase the latest components for hot and emerging electronics categories in a special zone.


The Global Sources Electronics show returns this October to the AsiaWorld-Expo with a special zone on the newest electronic components for today's hot and emerging applications—automotive, wearables, drones and robotics.


World's largest apparel, accessories show gives a glimpse of the future of fashion

Apart from an extensive collection of products, Global Sources Fashion will put the spotlight on Asia's best emerging designers, and the latest technological advancements and trends in the fashion industry.


Global Sources Fashion will unveil a collection of more than 10,000 bags.

Volume buyers looking to update their selections will be treated to a tasteful assortment of products in this year's fall edition of Global Sources Fashion. Set to kick off on October 27 at the AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong, the four-day event offers one-stop sourcing for accessories, fabrics and apparel.


Creative, smart, eco-friendly gifts and housewares set to shine this fall in Hong Kong

Co-located with the Mobile Electronics show, Global Sources Gifts & Home will feature more than 1,000 booths with unique and standout gift and promotional items, and home decor and kitchenware.


The Global Sources Gifts & Home show will highlight the industry's latest smart and earth-friendly products.


The fall edition of the Global Sources Gifts & Home show will boast new and on-trend gift and houseware items with smart and environment-friendly features.


World's largest electronics sourcing show returns to Hong Kong

Buyers can expect more than 5,800 booths with the latest in electronics, plus exciting demo zones and more.

The Global Sources Electronics show will boast an expansive range of innovative home, office and auto electronics, as well as smartphones, tablets, wearables and accessories.


Tips for China sourcing trade shows

by Asia Quality Focus team

China sourcing trade shows such as Global sources, MEGA SHOW, Canton fair…  connect millions of buyers with dozens of thousands of suppliers at the same place at the same time. This includes manufacturers, trading and third party quality control companies! Time is precious during those fairs, that is why it is important to come well prepared.


10 questions to ask a supplier at a trade fair

by Adam Gilbourne

If you are planning on importing, attending a trade fair is a great way to identify potential suppliers and get the answers to your questions face-to-face.

You should have done your research prior to attending and be fully conversant with the typical production costs associated with your product in that country. It would be very difficult to negotiate effectively without such information. The following are 10 important questions you should ask to determine if a supplier can deliver what you need.


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