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Choosing a quality control company in China

By Asia Quality Focus team

Making the right choice is crucial to guarantee the quality of your imports.

There are lots of quality control companies in Asia – and this is understandable. China, in particular, is home to a great number of manufacturers supplying products to the world which fuels the demand for inspection services. Choosing the right quality control provider may be quite overwhelming at first. That’s why we believe it’s useful to have a few key factors in mind when making the decision.

Let’s take a quick look at what matters most when choosing a quality control company.


Proper Papers

Professional quality control providers will have the ISO 9001 certification and, when working in China – the AQSIQ license. You will also notice a clear structure and division of QC teams responsible for different areas: hard lines, soft lines, toys, electrical and electronics, etc.


Clear and Comprehensive Inspection Reports

Accurate and easy-to-understand reports are an important factor when choosing a quality control company. None of us want to spend time deciphering convoluted messages or struggling through bad English. Making sure the QC company you are considering is capable of providing professional and clear reports is a great long-term time-saver.

Download a sample report now


A Wide Range of Quality Control Services To Satisfy Each Buyers’ Needs

An experienced QC company will be able to offer a wide range of services to guarantee any buyer to find all the solutions that he needs to secure the quality of its goods and verify the liability of a supplier. For inspection services, the most common services are: pre-production inspection, first article inspection, during-production inspection, pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision and more. The audit services usually available are: factory, social and environmental. Some companies (and this is the case with AQF) even offer extra complimentary services, such as defect sorting or production monitoring.


Easy Online Quality Inspection Booking

An easy-to-use online inspection booking system is a great advantage on its own. It allows buyers to manage all its services in one place, share information via a secured system, manage its services quickly and follow-up each service status at a glance.

Of course, the company should back it up with thorough follow-up and coordination services – it’s definitely a strong contender. In addition to pure convenience, having an online booking system in place also speaks about the company’s size, experience and high inspection volumes.


Transparent Pricing for Quality Inspections

Yes, pricing does matter. We all want to cut costs and save more. However, choosing a good quality control company is well-worth the expense. A professional QC service provider will also make pricing very clear, letting customers estimate their spending well in advance. The service fee would be fixed and evaluated based on man-days (the time necessary to complete a service).

For instance: 1 man-day to inspect 20,000 caps and 2 man-days to inspect 40,000 caps.

And you: How did you choose your quality control company in China?


The Asia Quality Focus team is an international team of specialists in product inspections, factory audits, lab testing and product certifications for all kinds of consumer goods. To share experience and opinions in how to better and safer source in Asia they created the Quality Control Blog. Feel free to contact them here.

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