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5 situations when you should use Container Loading Monitoring service in China

by Andrew Reich

Container Loading Monitoring is a service offered by service companies to monitor the loading of merchandise or industrial goods into shipping containers, generally prior to the container being sealed and delivered to the port for export. Container loading monitoring may also extend to include further monitoring of the transportation of the goods, such as accompanying the goods by truck to the port of export, and may include monitoring the placement of goods and/or the container containing them, onto a ship.

Container Loading Monitoring is a service that is employed by parties who are buying products from China, and often have some specific reason they want to verify exactly how the loading of the goods is being done.
The result of the service is usually a report, complete with photos and details, regarding how the loading and/or transportation was completed. The client will review this report, and any other comments from the 3rd party, and make a judgement on whether the loading and transportation was conducted according to their expectations.


When to use Container Loading Monitoring

The following are some examples of when one may want to do Container Loading Monitoring:

  1. Fragile items - Packaging is critical when you are working with fragile items. For this reason it is an advisable step to actually monitor the factory’s loading of anything that breaks easily, and/or has a high value.
  2. Special loading requirements -In some cases you or your client has special loading requirements, and not meeting them may mean chargebacks or other trouble. Sometimes this is due to retailers requiring that certain goods are loaded in the front and/or top, while other items are loaded in the back/bottom. This may be due to their own unloading requirements. When it is critical that these requirements get met you want to be sure to have someone monitor the loading.
  3. When you do not trust the factory - Here is something we deal with regularly at InTouch Services. You can usually prevent yourself from getting poor quality merchandise by performing a pre-shipment inspection, but how can you be absolutely sure that the products that were inspected by your 3rd-party inspection company are actually the ones that they load into the container?  If you have doubts that the supplier will definitely load the goods which you have approved, then call in the Container Loading Monitoring.
  4. Shipping to retailer or other client direct - When you are acting as a trading company or agent, and shipping the goods directly from your supplier in China to a retailer or other client, you will never have the chance to see the goods first-hand. The first person who will see them is your client, when they open up the container door. In such cases it may be wise to employ Container Loading Monitoring.
  5. Industrial or oversized items - When items are super big, or super heavy, or need special attention to technical loading aspects, that is another reason to perform this service. For example, at InTouch Services we are familiar monitoring the transportation and loading of crane parts, oil rigs, and other oil, gas and energy related machinery. In such cases you want to monitor the entire transportation and loading process.


Container Loading Monitoring is a useful service that can be employed when you need to be 100% sure that your merchandise is being handled properly, right onto the ship or plane.

Andrew Reich is the CEO of InTouch Manufacturing Services, a QC firm that performs product inspections and factory audits in China for US and EU clients. Andrew also maintains a QC-related blog, Quality Wars.

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