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Top mistakes made when selling an Amazon business [VIDEO]
26 Oct 2016 14:55

At the Global Sources Summit for online sellers, Coran Woodmass discussed top mistakes sellers make when selling their Amazon business.

Promotional item RFQ: Vital components – Part 3
24 Oct 2016 15:37

By Li ZhangLeaving certain aspects OUT of a promo item RFQ leads to a less than accurate quote from your China vendor. Vital information in the RFQ gives vendors what they need for accurate quotin [ ... ]

Jewelry & accessories manufacturers in China: A complete guide
26 Oct 2016 09:41

By Fredrik GrönkvistAbout to import Jewelry & Accessories from suppliers in China? Keep reading, and learn more about how the industry works – and what really matters when selecting a Jewel [ ... ]

Key takeaways from October 2016 Global Sources Summit for online sellers
21 Oct 2016 09:36

By Peter Zapf My takeaways from the October 2016 Global Sources Summit. Please feel free to add yours in the comments.

Managing China Product Quality

Basic statistics any Chinese factory can understand
19 Oct 2016 16:25

By Renaud Anjoran Whenever some product attributes can be measured, statistical tools can help understand the situation, prioritize improvement efforts, and even help those improvement efforts.

China Cultural Considerations

The Chinese New Year and its impact on your business
14 Mar 2016 09:35

By Manuel Becvar So what is all this Chinese New Year delays and why are your factories telling you their staff hasn’t come back and they can’t make samples yet or production will be delayed?

Evaluating Suppliers

China compliance: A basic checklist
28 Sep 2016 09:11

By Dan HarrisWith the last quarter of the year approaching and China increasing its scrutiny of foreign businesses operating in China, now seems like the right time to talk about what such busines [ ... ]

Negotiating with China Suppliers

Understanding MOQ — The supplier’s perspective
25 Apr 2016 06:28

At the recently concluded Global Sources Electronics show, suppliers offered their take on MOQ. “Everything is negotiable” was mentioned several times, indicating where their point of view start [ ... ]


Jewelry & accessories manufacturers in China: A complete guide
26 Oct 2016 09:41

By Fredrik GrönkvistAbout to import Jewelry & Accessories from suppliers in China? Keep reading, and learn more about how the industry works – and what really matters when selecting a Jewel [ ... ]

Paying Suppliers

Thoughts on FOB price term
27 Jul 2016 10:19

By Li ZhangThe goal of this post isn’t to get into the technicality of the Incoterms but to provide some practical tips on the FOB concept when sourcing your promotional merchandise from China.  [ ... ]

Managing Supplier Relationships

Bring value & motivate your suppliers
24 Aug 2016 11:33

By Li ZhangBring value to your relationships with your China vendors. As a new buyer and building new relationships, you face disinterest from the suppliers. This is especially true when navigatin [ ... ]

Trade shows in Hong Kong 2016: A complete guide

By Fredrik Grönkvist

T-shirts and plastic flowers may no longer be labeled as ‘Made in Hong Kong’, but the Chinese territory is still home to perhaps the best – and biggest – Trade shows in the world.


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