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China Competitiveness

When buying in China becomes both cheaper and more expensive
30 Jul 2014 15:38

by Asia Quality Focus team
rosperous China is in the news again with a sustained high nflation rate, rising incomes and stronger regulations. Surprisingly, as a consequence, producer prices are  [ ... ]

Understanding China IP

China IP protection Is possible
22 Jul 2014 14:14

by Dan Harris Virtually every U.S. company doing business in or with China has intellectual property requiring protection from China. Yet far too many of these companies treat their intellectual pro [ ... ]

Managing China Product Quality

Toys standards and the EN 71 regulation part 1-2-3 of 13
15 Sep 2014 13:57

by Asia Quality Focus team The EN 71 regulation for the safety of toys made or imported into the European Union specifies the safety standards for toys. An importer of toys needs to comply with the  [ ... ]

China Trade Fairs

China Cultural Considerations

Cultural caveats: On wining and dining
23 Apr 2014 10:50

by John Niggl Have you ever been in the position of a guest who tries graciously to refuse a lavish gift or over-generous act of kindness from a host? How about the sometimes awkward task of declini [ ... ]

Evaluating Suppliers

China due diligence: The most basic things to do
11 Aug 2014 17:03

by Dan Harris  Succeeding at doing business in China typically requires a good partner. The odds of having problems with a Chinese company will be substantially lower if you are dealing with a “l [ ... ]

Paying Suppliers

Why suppliers in China quote incorrectly
15 Jul 2014 08:52

by Jacob Yount If you have experience in importing from Chinese suppliers, you know it’s very common that quotes are not handled with precision. There are some basic yet deep-rooted reasons why s [ ... ]

Managing Supplier Relationships

China Joint Ventures: A Warning
08 Sep 2014 13:34

by Dan Harris The most common ways that companies start doing business in China (legally) is by forming a WFOE (A Wholly Foreign Owned Entity) or by partnering with an existing Chinese business thro [ ... ]


Compliance in China -- Challenges of transparency, interpretation & enforcement
08 Sep 2014 13:44

by Mike Bellamy While there is a law/policy/regulation/suggested standard promulgated by Beijing for almost every aspect of doing business, for the typical Western owned company operating in China,  [ ... ]

Beware of China factories' pre-Christmas rush

by Renaud Anjoran

A few years ago we published Chinese New Year: how to manage the disruption?, since many quality problems show up in December and January. Basically, manufacturers rush to get the products on a boat before they close, and they don’t pay much attention to any type of detail.


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